"Check your genuinezenus / genuineavoc"
Please check the authenticity of ZENUS & AVOC products
As the awareness of our brand “ZENUS & AVOC” has been rising , we had been reported that some ZENUS & AVOC imitations/duplicates/counterfeits were found in a few countries. Therefore, in order to protect our valued customer’s rights to buy genuine ZENUS & AVOC products, we prepared this AVS (Authenticity Verification System).
Customer who bought ZENUS & AVOC product can check the authenticity of your ZENUS & AVOC product through putting the printed GRN(Genuine recognition number) located on the hologram in our package.
* AVS(GRN) can tell you ONLY whether your purchased ZENUS & AVOC product is genuine or not.
Please report us if your purchased product is not genuine and if you have further questions , please contact our website or your dealer in your country.
Please put your GRN (Genuine recognition number is printed on the hologram) here.